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4 Markham Street

BOX TITLE: Noxious 2018

ARTIST: Glen Guerin aka Noxious

LOCATION: 4 Markham Street, southwest corner of Markham Street and Willis Street (north of Queen Street West).


IMAGE CAPTURED: January 1, 2024

ARTIST’S COMMENTS: “The theme given me was local musicians of the “Queen Street Days”. As a patron of the Gary’s Horseshoe days, then a regular on the “Queen Street scene of the 80’s” I thought of many, many artists I’d like to commemorate in a mural who inspired me as a young artist. Then it hit me – NASH THE SLASH! However, boxes are usually two panel, and who to compliment him, but his friend Carole Pope of Rough Trade.

One guy in a car stopped and yelled out who they were, gave me a thumbs up and moved on. Another middle age woman with a thick accent told me she saw Rough Trade in Poland when she was younger (who knew?!). Others were curious and asked who they were and I explained the best I could. All in all, it was a fun and learning experience and I’d do it again any day”.


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