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147 Tecumseth Street

BOX TITLE: Jeff Healey Tribute

ARTIST: Adrian Hayles

LOCATION: 147 Tecumseth Street, just south of Queen Street West


IMAGE CAPTURED: January 1, 2024

ARTIST’S COMMENTS: “Jeff Healey is a profound member of our Rock and Roll Canadian history and his knowledge of jazz is unmatched. His part in the classic movie Road House will forever mar my memory. Jeff once owned a bar called “Healey’s” at the corner of Bathurst and Queen just a couple of blocks away from his freshly painted bell box.

At first, like with most public projects, I was meet with very suspicious eyes as passers-by would question my reason for being there spraying. After about two hours, the piece started to take form and the compliments came pouring in”.

MY COMMENTS: I had looked forward to photographing this box for some time. When I finally reached the site I was extremely disappointed to see the damage done by taggers and vandals since the piece was created. If you’d like to see the box while it was still pristine, click here.


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