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70 Berkeley Street

BOX TITLE: Commedia Dell’arte

ARTIST: Natasha Kudashkina

LOCATION: 70 Berkeley Street, outside the Alumnae Theatre


IMAGE CAPTURED: April 1, 2023

ARTIST COMMENTS: “I was given the theme of Commedia dell’arte for my mural because my box is beside the Alumnae Theatre. I illustrated a street full of people in a process of viewing a performance. It is a beautiful sunny day. Flowers are blooming. The crowd is happy and intrigued by the scene. In this scene we see three actors, a female and two males. They all are wearing masks and intricate costumes. Lets call them a Lady, a “One of” and “The One”. As you view this particular moment I captured, you can see that One of is holding Lady’s hand. There seems to be a romantic chemistry between them. Lady is pleased by his attention and not even noticing The One. However, their connecting elbows display a subtle, yet magnetic attraction. If you look at The One, you will see him holding a heart in his right hand, a representation of true love.Onlookers wait curiously for the scene to unfold. Will the Lady follow One of or will she find the One? If you look at the back of the bell box you will find your answer.”


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