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45 Bleecker Street

BOX TITLE: Unknown title

ARTIST: Tom Linardos

LOCATION: 45 Bleecker Street


IMAGE CAPTURED: December 10, 2023

ARTISTS COMMENTS: “My plan to create a Cabbagetown neighborhood with the Toronto skyline as a backdrop was a success. I managed to keep the time of day a mystery, the sun can also be a moon leaving the viewer guessing, the color of the sky implies that it can be either dusk or dawn, even the Seasons are camouflaged, it could be Summer, Fall or Spring. I managed to paint in a lot of architectural details on the homes: a Queen Anne home, a Romanesque Style home, a Victorian Cottage and so on. There are over 11 structures featured in full color with many details, the image wraps around both sides”.


Where To Find It…

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