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394 Euclid Avenue

BOX TITLE: Unknown Title

ARTIST: Erika James

LOCATION: 394 Euclid Avenue, corner of College Street and Euclid Avenue


IMAGE CAPTURED: September 20, 2022

ARTIST’S COMMENTS: “Part of my bell box pays homage to the local Italian community and their tradition of growing fruit trees such as figs, cherries, and apricots in their backyards. The other part was inspired by the unusual shape of the bell box and strives to hit a more contemporary feel for the many commuters who pass by on foot, bike, and transit.

The experience was really wonderful, as many local residents expressed how delighted they were to have their corner “brightened up”. Many positive remarks were made about the work and the community seemed genuinely engaged, offering me other potential sites for murals. Several people asked why I was painting and were very happy to hear that this is a city-wide program offered by Bell Canada that helps to beautify their surroundings. Overall it was a fantastic experience and one that I felt the local community responded to in a very welcoming manner”.


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