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338 Margueretta Street

BOX TITLE: Ms. Margueretta

ARTIST: Gosia Komorski

LOCATION: 338 Margueretta Street, southwest corner of Margueretta Street & Bloor Street West


IMAGE CAPTURED: February 3, 2024

ARTIST’S COMMENTS: “It was truly a great experience. I had nothing but great feedback from the community, I got to meet some of the long time residence of Margueretta Street who came out everyday to greet me and check out the progress on the piece! Everyone I met was thrilled with the new paintings (all the ones they’ve seen across Bloor West) and were proud to have them integrated into their neighbourhood. I have never worked in an area with people as accepting and appreciative as Bloordale and Bloorcourt. I’m very honoured to have been a part of this project!”.


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